Number six: My sister got a puppy!

That's right! In July, my sister got a puppy! His name is Wellingtin and he is a six month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is totally adorable! And we all love him!

Now this might not seem like a big deal to you, so I will give you a little background information. Ever since my sister was able to ask for Christmas and Birthday presents she has always had two answers. #1: she wanted a puppy and #2: she wanted a dog. Now, as a kid, I was terrified of dogs. Seriously, terrified. On top of that, my dad worked swing shift for awhile and needed his sleep. Then later he had brain surgery and now requires at minimum 8 hours of sleep. 

It always seemed that a dog was just out of the question. My sister was not mature enough to take care of a dog on her own and mom did not need more things to have to do. They were able to placate her by allowing her to play with the neighborhood dogs and she babysat some dogs too. But she always wanted a puppy. 

Now, now that she is 21 and everything is right and I am not so afraid of dogs. Now, she has a puppy! Welly was a gift to her for college graduation! (Congrats Sissy!). 

Welly is a true delight. We has a very sweet disposition and a kind spirit. He is very active, loves to hunt moths and crickets. Enjoys walks around the neighborhood. He is happy and just makes us all happy. My sister is teaching him to sit and come and such and he begins obedience classes next week! Ho-rah for Welly!