Number nine: Finishing my MBA!

Yeah! A little over a year an a half ago, I was so excited to start my MBA journey. And yet...I am so glad to be done! After about 20 years of school, I am finally tired of it. I am ready to be done and I finally am!

My internship this summer was the last part of my MBA and was all research for my thesis. I am just so relieved to be done! Anyway, My thesis ended up being some 48 pages long! And I only got an 82 on it! For those of you who know me, I am pretty obsessive about grades. My GPA for my undergrad was a 3.88. My MBA GPA was a 3.936. I am very happy with that even if I do have a +B in the last class. I mean, yeah, I would have loved to have an A, but overall I did well enough and am happy to be done.

I cannot tell you how glad I am to be done. No more homework. No more discussion boards. No more instructors. No more homework. How wonderful is the world?!

I have decided not to participate in the graduation ceremony. It is not really my thing. But I am hoping to go and cheer! I know some people that will be walking and am really excited for one person in particular ...I think I owe her some Duck Tape Roses....

Anyway! I am really happy and hope you are happy for me too. School is nice, but being done is even better!