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If you are like me, you like to maximize your saving power when you are shoping. Well I want to tell you about a cool shop that I just found out about! Century 21 is a great shop with two locations in Manhattan at Lincoln Square (1972 Broadway) and the Downtown (22 Cortlandt Street) you can shop online too.
Here are a few of the awesome things you can get:


TAYLOR Pleated Color Block Dress

ENZO ANGIOLINI Fuschia Cimino Patent Pumps

GUESS Glenisa Peep-Toe Pumps


ACG GREEN 12" x 17 1/2" Contrast Stripe Pillow

Everything at C21 is up to 65% off 100% of the time! How great is that? And even better? It is all designer merchendise! Like Marc Jacobs and Betsy Johnson!
Even celebraties like to maximize their saving power at C21! Ladies like Olivia Palermo and Stacy Keibler have been spotted sporting C21 shopping totes! How cool is that? I love the idea of shoping where celebrities shop!
Stacy Keibler 2.JPG (2 documents, 2 total pages)
I saved the best for last too! Right now you can enter the Empire Hotel sweepstakes for a chance to win a $500 wardrob makeover from C21 and a 2 night stay at the Empire Hotel in NYC! How great is that?! 
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Customizable industrial jewelry and gifts

How did you chose your shop name?

Metal Flower Magnet, Cute Magnet, Pink Magnet, Industrial Flower, Metal Magnet, Gift for Gardener, Unique Magnet, Handcrafted Magnet

“Loralyn is a combination of my first and middle names Laura and Lynn. I always loved the two names combined, I just changed the spelling a bit.”

Silver Snowflake Ornament, Metal Snowflake Ornament, Christmas Decor, Holiday Decoration, Filigree Ornament

How did you decide to start your business?

Copper Snowflake Ornament, Copper Flower Ornament, Caramel Ornament, Brown Metal Flower, Christmas Ornament

“Earlier this year, I was out of work due to a back strain and frankly, I had a lot of time on my hands. I used the time to read, to research, and to reflect. It turned out to be both physically and mentally therapeutic. During this time, Loralyn Designs was born.

My Goal: Design unique jewelry and gifts incorporating metal and color .
The Challenge: How to put my personal mark on items 
I was down at my workbench one day and it hit me; Washers, nuts, stainless steel, oh that makes sense! The next challenge was the color. After a lot of research I discovered a modeling material called friendly plastic. It is easy to use, non-toxic and enabled me make my own colors."

Pink Flower Silver Brooch, Magenta Metal Flower Pin, Pink Flower Brooch, Magenta Pin, Metal Flower Brooch, Stainless Steel, Gift for Her

What is your favorite piece from your shop?

Hot Pink Nut Ring Stainless, Hex Nut Ring, Adjustable Womens Silver Ring, Stainless Steel Ring, Hot Pink Ring, industrial Silver Ring

“I can't say I have a favorite item, I love them all!”

Filigree Bracelet, Orange Cuff Bracelet, Silver Cuff Bracelet, Mens Bracelet, Unisex Bracelet, Orange Jewelry

Can you give us some background on your shop?

Unisex Silver Ring, Adjustable Silver Ring, Teal Ring, Teal Jewelry, Blue Ring, Mens ring, Womens ring, Gear Ring, Mechanics Ring

“A little background on myself:
My real passion is using my hands to create and design. I am thankful to have had a mom that encouraged crafting and creativity from an early age. She taught me the beauty of handmade items from sewing to painting and drawing, gift wrapping, jewelry making, and home decorations. At age 8, I was selling my jewelry door to door (OK, I was selling my fashion plate color drawings too). At 13 my mom invited me to join her in selling my 3D plastic canvas Christmas ornaments which did pretty well. I still have a few I put on my tree every year.
I branched out to woodworking and home improvement projects in my 20s. Now in my late 30s, I have discovered a new passion with metal crafts.”

Lime Green Key Chain, Mens Key Ring, Unisex Accessory, Mens Gift, Fall Colors, Accessory for Him

So, my dear readers? What do you think?

Teal Bracelet, Hinged Bangle, Teal Jewelry, Statement Jewelry, Silver Flower Bracelet, Cute Bracelet, Silver Bracelet

Pretty awesome industrial chic jewelry isn’t it?

Purple Butterfly Necklace, Pink Butterfly Pendant, Silver Jewelry, Silver Butterfly Pendant Necklace, Butterfly Jewelry, Butterflies

Don’t you just love it?

Silver Cuff Bracelet, Gothic Jewelry, Purple Bracelet, Rocker Bracelet, Thin Cuff Bracelet, Filigree Bracelet,

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Super Love Cashmere

Hey guys! I have something awesome to tell you about today! I mean, really awesome!! 

Cashmere Undies (adjustable string bikini style) - Yellow

Cashmere panties! Made from recycled cashmere these are green, but that is a mere bonus when you compare it to how they feel on!  

Cashmere Panties (side ties for your perfect fit) Stripes

Yeah, that is right! Theresa, the amazing girl behind SuperLoveCashmere (no pun intended), well, she sent me a pair of the panties to try out.

Oh my gosh! I always knew that cashmere was soft, but I never considered how it would feel against bare skin. Ladies! It is amazing! 

Soft and warm and just downright cozy. You will never, ever wear anything more comfortable! Plus! they are super cute, I mean, just look at the pictures! 

The week that my panties came, the furnace was out at work because of a gas leak and we could not use the space heaters because we were having electrical issues too. I wore these babies to work and never felt the cold! How amazing is that?!

"Wearing Cashmere Panties Make You Happy!
Every girl who slips these panties on, instantly notices how great they feel on the skin.

* The softest panties ever! Must wear to truly appreciate how wonderful they feel.
* Adjustable tie sides that allow for your custom fit and perfect fitting panties!
* Made from Upcycled Cashmere.
* Simply put, these are the "Happiest Panties on Earth".
* Treat yourself or give as a special gift.
* All panties come with complimentary gift wrap.
* Softer than cotton
* Keeps you warm when it's cold and you cool when it's warm.
* Super-absorbent and anti-microbial.
* Naturally Sustainable and Eco-Friendly"
That is what Theresa has to say, but let me tell you! It is the truth! Best Panties EVER!!!! And you can get yourself a pair, or ask for them for Christmas!

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on their Website!



Amanda Leigh is an awesome girl that was inspired to create jewelry as a way to bland art and style!

With inspiration from alternative fashion, Amanda’s shop has a great selection of pin up, rockabilly, kawaii, and nautical items!

Light Pink Rose Stud Earrings - Flower Stud Earrings

Amanda is a really cool girl and I think you would like to read about her and see her picture on Etsy.

Large Sky Blue Rose Stud Earrings - Flower Earrings - Great Gift

How did you get interested in alternative fashions?

Black Dahlia Stud Earrings - Vintage Inspired Dahlia Earrings 

"I have always had a strong interest in many alternative styles. I really connect with the attitude and classic beauty of certain styles that are typically portrayed as pin up style. I am most drawn to the nautical style because to me it symbolizes strength and adventure. I chose to draw on this nautical theme with my store name Anchors Away since I always aspire for my jewelry to be adventurous! My favorite fashion trends are patterns, I love all patterns from polka dot, animal print, floral, to argyle!"

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When I was first researching this shop, I read the description as “Charming handcrafter gifts and awesomeness!” I mistook “accessories” (which is what it really says) for “awesomeness” and I think you will see why!

“As a lifelong artist and crafter, I've always enjoyed experimenting with new techniques and media, and making beautiful things for the people I love”
Felt and fabric flowers brooch pin accessory poppy print

“ I strive to create jewelry, accessories, and decor that are unique and thoughtfully designed.”

White felt daisy flower barrette hair accessory

“I sincerely hope that a piece I create will brighten up your outfit, your home, or your day!”
Lavender felt flower infant or toddler headband

Don’t you just love the shop! It is so bright and cheerful! Makes my day just browsing through her shop!

Hand embroidered cherries felt applique wall art ready to hang in 5" wooden embroidery hoop

Nothing makes Noora happier than her family, although creating pretty things comes close!

Hand embroidered clover wall art ready to hang in 5" wooden embroidery hoop

“I've always enjoyed experimenting with new techniques and media, and making things for the people I love.”
Hand embroidered dandelion wall art ready to hang in 6" wooden embroidery hoop

Noora makes things when she has a break from her day job of being a mom and a wife. She stays busy with her three little kids and her husband.

Hand embroidered cottage felt applique wall art ready to hang in 8" wooden embroidery hoop

“My family has made me see even more beauty in the world around us and they are the biggest inspiration and motivation for everything I do."
Hand embroidered flowers wall art ready to hang in 6" hoop.  Modern folk art

Once you Like BabyGazelle on Facebook you can use“FB1112” at the checkout to get 10% off the shop!



Hello everyone! Today I want to share a really neat jewelry shop with you! FushiaGold is fairly young shop based in Sheffield, UK!

Everything is real leather and is all handmade. Freya has been making jewelry for about two years and has loved it all along.

Metallic bronze bubbles leather earrings

She got some leather scraps to play with and just fell in love with leather working. Just listen to what she says about it!

Triangle leather bracelet in gold, grey and black
"It is very soft and light and comes in so many shades and finishes."
Leather bubbles bracelet in blue, gold and grey
“I love metallics and bright colours that really pop. I have had an obsession anything sparkling and gem like my whole life so naturally there is a lot of gold and silver, I just can't resist!”
Asymetrical  gold and grey leather cloud earrings
“My designs are quite modern, with sharp lines and geometric shapes, apart from the butterflies and clouds, I can't really explain those, they just happened by themselves!”
Geometric leather bracelet in purple, pink and gold triangles

Want to know more about Freya? Like how she got into crafting or how she find inspiration?

Monochrome leather necklace in grey, black and silver diamond shapes
“I have always made things,I started with way too many drawings of long haired princesses with no shoulders and bright pink cheeks and wobbly "when I grow up..." writing,to pop up books and an attempt at a comic involving cats which I kept going through various adventures for at least 2 years and which I can barely look at now, to multimedia paintings and photography in 6th form.”
 Geometric leather necklace in blue, grey, mint and purple diamond shapes
“I have always loved bright colour and texture,with simple shapes and defined edges,I love graffiti,bold prints and of course,diamonds,crystals and sparkly things in all forms.”

Silver leather butterfly wing earrings

Get 10% off from now until Christmas with code “tentriangles” at checkout when you order two pieces.

Find Freya and FushiaGold on Facebook and her blog!



Are still searching for the perfect Christmas gift for someone on your list? I have the perfect gift for you! Seriously! It comes from Germany and has Free International Shipping (I know right! Amazing deal!!) This lends a nice air to the gift it being from Europe and all. Can you guess what it is? We all know that Germans make the best stuff, but these handmade and hand dyed scarves are amazing!

Heike started her Etsy shop called Schalrausch (translated: Scarf Ecstasy) in July. She has a great philosophy, that I have to say I agree with: Scarves are like shoes – you can never have too many! Don’t you love that? 

Blue Infinity Scarf Jersey Womens Neck Scarf

All her scarves are totally handmade and hand dyed. No cheap stuff either – everything is the highest quality. Each scarf is made in a smoke-free and pet-free gardenstudio. 

Brown and Orange Infinity scarf, circle scarf with dots turquoise, tangerine tango

Heike is dedicated to creating beautiful, artful, comfortable, and high quality scarves that are a real pleasure to wear.

Blue Infinity Scarf Womens Neck or Head Scarf

Don’t you just love her work? I just want these scarves so bad! Scarves are a lovely accessory to any outfit and just seem to dress up anything you are wearing.

Pink Infinity Scarf Hot Animal Womens Neck Scarf

All of these are so fun, elegant, and just plain lovely! So fantastic!

Brown Silk Cotton Scarf for Head, Neck or Shoulders FREE SHIPPING

Here are a few more to drool over:

Brown and Copper Linen Scarf Womens Head or Neck Scarf perfect for Fall

Blue Silk Square Scarf Floral Womens Head Neck

Black Linen Scarf Womens Head or Neck Scarf with cute Flower Brooch

Don’t forget to check her out on Facebook!