Today I want to share another great Etsy shop with you! ConversationGlass is a all about 
“Glassware made from upcycled bottles - an idea inspired from a toast and a great conversation. We take bottles cast off and destined for our local landfills to create stunning, conversation-worthy glassware for home and business. One bottle, one conversation, one love, one Earth.”

You may have seen some things online that are similar to these, but I have never seen anything as great as these:

Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses Olive 12 oz  Set of 4

Wine Bottle Glasses Like Pint Glasses but Better in Pine Green 20 oz Set of 4

Wine Bottle Glasses Tall & Straight in Olive 20 oz  Set of 4

Tea Light Candle Holders Hurricane Lamps Lanterns made from Upcycled Wine Bottles Large Quantities Available

Don’t you love them? Matt and Grace are great aren’t they?

The shop was born of a need, a need for a living, a way to keep the earth healthy, a need to teach that business is not always bad. Living responsibly is a passion at ConversaionGlass.

 Green Shot Glass Hand Grenades made from Upcycled Perrier Bottles Set of 5

Upcycled Skyy Vodka Bottle Tumblers Drinking Glasses Tall Cobalt Blue Set of 2

Beer Bottle Glasses made from Cobalt Blue Budweiser Platinum Beer Bottles Set of 4

Upcycled Wine Bottle Glasses made from Recycled Yellow Wine Bottles 12oz  Set of 8

Wine Bottle and Liquor Bottle Glasses Colorful Set of 4

Skull and Crossbones Poison Bottle on Black Recycled Hendricks Gin Bottle

Here is the story behind the beauty:

“Have you ever noticed how pretty some bottles are? Have you ever wondered where all those beautiful bottles go when you've drained them (happily) of their yummy insides?

This was the conversation that sparked our store. We were drinking a bottle of red and realized the very bottle on our table would end up in a landfill sooner or later. That thought made us a bit sad.

We started collecting and cutting bottles from local restaurants and bars. The concept is simple - take something reusable that's going to be cast off and create something beautiful through upcycling! The glasses we make are simple but elegant. Every glass buyer (rescuer) can know they've saved a bottle from a landfill. Because each glass is hand-cut and hand-sanded, they're each one of a kind.

One bottle, one conversation, one love, one Earth.”

When Matt and Grace aren’t working, they are enjoying time with their daughter and three dogs, Arwen, Nyxie and Fenway.

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