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Tuesday Trades

Today, I want to share another Etsy trade that was for Christmas! I had been admiring the great shoes from HelloShoes for ages and I finally asked Sabrina if she was willing to trade!

She was even kind enough to let me choose a custom design!! Here is an example of her work:

I love these shoes!!

I got these shoes for my little sister! But no cute smiley star for her...oh no! She got NYAN CAT!!!!

Her shoes turned out adorable!!! She was so happy to get them on Christmas! And surprised too!! Oh yeah! And here is what Sabrina got from me:

My best selling earrings :D
A Memory Wire Bracelet.
Another great trade! And don't worry!! There are a ton more for me to share with you all!!


Tuesday Trades

Today, I am going to start telling you about some of the Christmas presents I traded for!! I got these from Shelby at RAWRmonster! 

If you EVER need video game related items - this is the place to shop!

Triforce zipper pull clips for my Legend of Zelda fanatic sister!

Shelby got these earrings from me!

Crystal Clear!

Well, that is all for today, but I do have tons more trades to share with you all!!

UPDATE: Her shop is closed now! I'm so distraught! 


Monday Movie

Can you believe that there is less than a week until Christmas?!?!?! It is so amazing! We are all really excited here and are having a hard time waiting! If you are having a hard time too take a look at this video from Rhett & Link and just enjoy the Christmas spirit!


Friday Feature: PaintSwatchJewelry

Okay, so by now I think you all know that I LOVE Etsy. Well, just one more reason I love it is Secret Santa Gift Exchanges with the Trade-A-Holics Team! It is okay, I can tell you about it because the shop who's name I drew already got her gift.

I got matched up to PaintSwatchJewelry! PaintSwatchJewelry has some really awesome jewelry in her shop. She takes paint swatches - like you find in the hardware store- and she turns them into amazing pieces of jewelry! Here area couple of pictures:

Aren't they wonderful?!

I love it when the color name is included!


She had a really long list of all kinds of things that she would like - tea towels, shirts, pillows, table linens, jewelry. All kinds of great things, but nothing that I really wanted to give. You know? I like to give a gift that I would want. Something fun and useful. It is really hard to find a gift for someone that you do not really know.

Well, it was getting close to the deadline and I had to send something! I was getting frantic and frustrated. I guess I am an overachiever, but I really wanted her to like it! Finally I decide on a little wallet that was on her wishlist: 
Cute, huh?

The wallet did not use all of the allowance for the gift exchange so I thought it would be nice to add in some pretty little hand-stamped cards that I had made. I like to do these little cards wit ha butterfly stamp and then color them with my favorite pens! I tucked a few into an altoid tin that I had recovered with some pink and white plaid paper and sent the whole lot off! 

I got a message from her a couple of days later thanking me for the gift. She said some really nice things and I was glad that she seemed to like the gift. But then...

So Pleasing!!

I got his in the mail yesterday! The butterfly is one that I had stamped and colored! She cut it out and made into a charm for me! It has a glossy protective finish on both sides and a pretty little rhinestone on it! I was so thrilled I ran around jumping up and down shouting "Whopie!! Whoopy!!" I love it so much! 

Now isn't that sweet gesture of thanks? I am beginning to re-think writing thank you cards...


Tuesday Trades

Okay! It is time for me to tell you about another great Etsy Trade! Today I want to introduce you to Lori from GemsandDollsSupplies. Here is what I got!

Isn't it Stunning?!

Here is what Lori chose from my shop:

So pretty....if I do say so myself!

Well that is the trade of the day! Ha!! I hope you are all doing well and are having fun getting ready for Christmas!!


I'm on Relishly!

Have you guys ever heard of Relishly? It is a website similar to Heartsy, but  is is cheaper! I was lucky enough to be chosen to have a Relishly deal...So here it is - you spend $4 and get a $10 gift certificate to my Etsy shop! This is a really great deal because I am also doing Free Shipping for the month of December!
The best part is that I will let you use the Relishly deal on custom orders too! So here is the deal - you spend $4 and get a great piece of custom jewelry shipped for free! And if you order by Sunday the 18th, you should get it in time for Christmas!!! 

UPDATE: Relishly is not there anymore.

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