This is so LEGIT!!!!

Okay so today my mom and I did some amazing stuff! This is just so cool!!!

I made all of these that you just saw!! And they were so easy and fun! I can not wait to work on more tomorrow!

So these are made if Fimo clay. You start out with plain black clay like this.

Then you paint it with gold leaf!

Mom made these three.
I just love these so much!! Don't they just look ancient? I feel like they look like some ancient Egyptian stuff that came out of the tombs...Or some cool movie props. I just love them!


What I've Been Up To

This is a necklace I have been wanting to make for years! Literally...I got the beads in like 2006!!
Some earrings I whipped up to match the necklace.
Well this photo is washed out....I really need to learn to take better pictures!

I received a Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas and I bought these lovely little mushroom beads.
I just had to make them into earrings :D
My mom and I collaborated on these. She made the yo-yo pieces and I designed the jewelry and then made it up.
I love. love, love this necklace!! It is so perfect!
I made two necklaces ans a pair of earrings. This is a much simpler necklace, but I still adore it!
                               This is a necklace I made for my mom.


Been Busy

Hey Guys! Sorry I have not been posting anything lately. I've been busy! Let me see what happened first? Oh, yes! Of course! First, I had to say goodbye to some very good old friends...
You guys might remember the slippers that I knit and felted for myself...Well, they are no more.

Just look at the bottom of these slippers! Disgraceful!
Look! Even one of the straps has fallen off!
So, my wonderful, warm slippers have fallen apart as I wore them. It has only been about six months since we have known each other and they are gone already. Goodbye my friends. I will miss you...That is until I have replacements! And it just so happens that I already have them made! Here they are:
Aren't they super cute?

I just love these slippers!
After I did the slippers...I also finished blocking and sewing my sweater together. Did you remember my promise to show it to you? Well, I remembered:
This is the V-neck side.

I love this sweater! It is so comfortable and just so cozy! I know the color is not ideal on me, but hey, it only cost $4.99 for the yarn for the entire sweater - you all know how I love clearance!

Then after that I was working on a couple of necklace designs (and matching bracelets and earrings, of course!) So here they are:
This is a kinda arts shot.

The whole set.

Cute little earrings.

Lovely bracelet.

Close up of the necklace.

Full necklace.

Everything on a nice hand-knit sweater background.
I know this does not make up for not talking and for being so silent that you might have thought me kidnapped, but it is my only excuse. I have been busy. Making these things and then with all the snow and my sister not having school and baking with her and being sick and grocery shopping and laundry...Life is so busy! I love you guys and miss you all!