A New Look

Hi guys! I suppose that I do not have to tell you, I mean, you can see it for yourself, but I have a new look for my blog! Yippy! The stuff was all free online and I like it pretty well. Looking at all the options really made me want to create my own...maybe someday...for now, however, I will be content to use what other people have made. Searching for something new really reminded me of Horesland...do you remember that? I used to do custom layouts and I kinda want to do it again...Just for me of course.

I got a new profile photos too! I'll post it here too so you can see it good...
Anyway, that's me when I was really little! I guess I have always liked jewelry and beads...if my addiction not was not obvious then look at the picture again. We found the picture in one of our old family photo albums. I just love it. I looked so cute back then. And yes, it really is me. Can't you tell? I always have my mouth hanging open in pictures, not necessarily because I meant to do it, it just always happens.


Quick Save

Have you ever thought to yourself before something big happened, "Hey, I should quick save before this happens," because I have. The idea of a quick save comes from video games. There is usually a button on the keyboard that, once pressed, immediately saves all progress. That way you can go back to the save if something bad happens...like if you die.

Wouldn't it be nice to save your life, just the way it is, before you took a big test? Or what about before you ate some questionable food? Or before you wasted your time online? Before you broke something? Or before you bought something? Or what about saving before you said something nasty or mean? It seems like we should have a built in quick save function. Life would be so much better, wouldn't it? If you could go back knowing how something was going to pan out, knowing how something was going to happen...wouldn't you want to?

As I look back at yesterday, I wish that I could have quick saved before I got out of bed. Sure it was a great day, but  I wasted a ton of time. I can't tell you what I did from 2-4 yesterday. I just wasted my time. Now, I have a ton of stuff to do today...and here I am blogging instead! What is the world coming to?

Maybe a quick save function in real life would not be such a good idea. Sometimes hard times are the most important in our lives. They are the times we grow out of. We grow the most out of these times because that is when we learn. I would not undo what has been done, no I would not. It is fun to think about though.


Diamonds are a girl's best friend.....

I have read that "diamonds are a girl's best friend, but pearls become a woman." I have no idea if that is true or not. I mean, I think diamonds and pearls are both lovely! And on a girl or a woman...not so much on guys. Of course, I am partial to pearls. They are my birthstone. Anyway, now that that pre-blog ramble is out of the way...On to the post!
Hi everyone! It seems like forever since I have written a new post. So I thought I would show you what I made today! Here you go!

This is everything!


Two rings worn together

Ring one

Ring two...the blurriness is an added bonus!

One hair clippy

Two hair clippy
Ahh. It's nice to sit back and enjoy a job well done :D I bought the wonderful glass buttons at a quilt show in Lansing back in May. It was my first day on the job during my practicum (internship). That was such a lovely day! Then I got the dark blue crystals at Michaels on sale. The lovely pearls I purchased at T&T in Grand Ledge. It is kinda funny how these pieces came about...We got back to Indy last night from a trip to MI for my grandmother's memorial service...so we were all pretty lazy today. At lunch time, my mom asked me why I was not beading and...well....I did not have a good answer. So after the lunch dishes were dry and put away I sat down to make something amazing, if I do say so myself. It was not very challenging, but it was very, very fun. Beading is so wonderful! I have also been knitting a sweeter. I will post some pics as soon as it is done :D


Wedding Jewels

Well, one of my good friends from school is getting married and she asked me to make the jewelry for the bridal party!! On Christmas Eve we went to the bead shop and bought the beads she wanted. Then I got everything finished up today. Thought you might like to see some pictures!
Here are all the bracelets and all the earrings.

The Bride's bracelet.

The Maid of Honor's bracelet.

A blurry shot of the Bride's earrings.

Brides' Maids earrings.
I also made a pair of matching earrings for the Bride's Mother and the Groom's Mother. It's all so exciting! This is my third wedding to do jewelry for and it is so fun!