Customizable industrial jewelry and gifts

How did you chose your shop name?

Metal Flower Magnet, Cute Magnet, Pink Magnet, Industrial Flower, Metal Magnet, Gift for Gardener, Unique Magnet, Handcrafted Magnet

“Loralyn is a combination of my first and middle names Laura and Lynn. I always loved the two names combined, I just changed the spelling a bit.”

Silver Snowflake Ornament, Metal Snowflake Ornament, Christmas Decor, Holiday Decoration, Filigree Ornament

How did you decide to start your business?

Copper Snowflake Ornament, Copper Flower Ornament, Caramel Ornament, Brown Metal Flower, Christmas Ornament

“Earlier this year, I was out of work due to a back strain and frankly, I had a lot of time on my hands. I used the time to read, to research, and to reflect. It turned out to be both physically and mentally therapeutic. During this time, Loralyn Designs was born.

My Goal: Design unique jewelry and gifts incorporating metal and color .
The Challenge: How to put my personal mark on items 
I was down at my workbench one day and it hit me; Washers, nuts, stainless steel, oh that makes sense! The next challenge was the color. After a lot of research I discovered a modeling material called friendly plastic. It is easy to use, non-toxic and enabled me make my own colors."

Pink Flower Silver Brooch, Magenta Metal Flower Pin, Pink Flower Brooch, Magenta Pin, Metal Flower Brooch, Stainless Steel, Gift for Her

What is your favorite piece from your shop?

Hot Pink Nut Ring Stainless, Hex Nut Ring, Adjustable Womens Silver Ring, Stainless Steel Ring, Hot Pink Ring, industrial Silver Ring

“I can't say I have a favorite item, I love them all!”

Filigree Bracelet, Orange Cuff Bracelet, Silver Cuff Bracelet, Mens Bracelet, Unisex Bracelet, Orange Jewelry

Can you give us some background on your shop?

Unisex Silver Ring, Adjustable Silver Ring, Teal Ring, Teal Jewelry, Blue Ring, Mens ring, Womens ring, Gear Ring, Mechanics Ring

“A little background on myself:
My real passion is using my hands to create and design. I am thankful to have had a mom that encouraged crafting and creativity from an early age. She taught me the beauty of handmade items from sewing to painting and drawing, gift wrapping, jewelry making, and home decorations. At age 8, I was selling my jewelry door to door (OK, I was selling my fashion plate color drawings too). At 13 my mom invited me to join her in selling my 3D plastic canvas Christmas ornaments which did pretty well. I still have a few I put on my tree every year.
I branched out to woodworking and home improvement projects in my 20s. Now in my late 30s, I have discovered a new passion with metal crafts.”

Lime Green Key Chain, Mens Key Ring, Unisex Accessory, Mens Gift, Fall Colors, Accessory for Him

So, my dear readers? What do you think?

Teal Bracelet, Hinged Bangle, Teal Jewelry, Statement Jewelry, Silver Flower Bracelet, Cute Bracelet, Silver Bracelet

Pretty awesome industrial chic jewelry isn’t it?

Purple Butterfly Necklace, Pink Butterfly Pendant, Silver Jewelry, Silver Butterfly Pendant Necklace, Butterfly Jewelry, Butterflies

Don’t you just love it?

Silver Cuff Bracelet, Gothic Jewelry, Purple Bracelet, Rocker Bracelet, Thin Cuff Bracelet, Filigree Bracelet,

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