When I was doing some research for this post I discovered something awesome!
fingertipps is an awesome Etsy shop based in Germany! I love the shop and the fantastic merchandise. But I think my favorite things is the way that Giulia describes her items as "fingermade fashion & accessories." How awesome is that?!

Fingertipps is a great shop full of amazing "fingermade" bracelets and bags! Here are a few of her products:

So Cute! 

Adorable Bracelet!

Love this! 

This is my all time favorite! 

Love the asymmetrical "kiss lock!"

Here is a little of what Giulia says about her work:
As you can see in my shop I principally work with fabrics. I enjoy creating many kinds of products depending on what comes into my mind...
I do not plan much and start very spontaneous, then develop the idea and work on details and improvements.
I'm inspired by anything, anytime. Sometimes I just see a color or a shape, touch a fabric or any material... and here comes the idea. I also like to create useful items so my own needs and everyday life are also source of inspiration.
If you like her work you should take a look at her shop and order her very reasonably priced, "fingermade" awesome goodies! And don't forget to "Like" her on Facebook for a chance to win 30% off at her shop!