Number ten: Getting a Job

That's right! I got a job!! For so long, I was just not excited about growing up, working in a cubical, doing the same thing over and over. But this summer, I started to feel like I was ready to have a job. To be busy. I was happy at my internship and I figured that I was ready to have a job.

So, I started looking at jobs, not applying, but just looking. However, I was offered an opportunity to be the web content manger at the Hen House were I did my internship! It is just a part time job, but it is still a job and I was thrilled!

Then, on my last day, during the last five minutes of the internship - the shop owner asked me to stay. She offered me a full time job! This is on top of the other job. So I now have two jobs at the same place! I am so excited and I start tomorrow! So exciting!!

I am really happy to have a job and a great on at that! And I am really excited to be able to start paying on my student loans. Yippy Skippy!