Hey guys! I want you to meet Tina today! Tina is a fabulous artist from Australia! She is a really down to earth girl and creates some truly wonderful jewelry that she sells on her Etsy shop.

Tina has asked me to show you some of her favorite things from her shop:

“The Earthen Spirits, Nymphs, Angels, Elders, Pixies and other Forest Children are inspired by the hidden treasures in nature - the one's you find only when you are quiet, still and patient. They represent being at one with nature. Each has her own unique personality, her own beauty, and her own treasures.” 

Spiritual Earthen Angel Pendant with Full Wings and Silver Plated Quote

Queen of Abundance Handcrafted Clay Pendant

Handcrafted Clay Necklace with Green and Yellow Glass Beads

Tina enjoys “all things earthy, and things worn down by the elements - think mud bricks, old worn timber, moss growing in the cracks of rocks, and rusty things.”

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces!

Blue Earthen Clay Pendant with Czech Rocaille Seed Beads

Fairy Treasure Dichroic Glass and Handcrafted Clay Pendant

Don’t you just love her work? I think it is truly amazing. The way that she melds her creativity with earth and stone is so creative.