“Since childhood I had always watched the pretty brides in their lovely gowns walk down the aisle, and look for all the things that made them so beautiful. Sewing the gorgeous gowns was out of the question, so as I became older, I decided to turn towards jewelry, to realize my creative dreams. Each piece that evolves from the beautiful beads and my fingers is precious to me, and fills me with a feeling of fulfillment. Beads of any kind beckon me with a hypnotizing touch, and I'm drawn irresistibly towards them to design more vintage style, bridal and fun jewelry. I am also working towards creating vintage style brass-and-flower bookmarks and Victorian style necklace and earring sets, which I don't have any space in my shop sections to list, unfortunately. I also dream in beads, new jewelry that I want to start creating as soon as my husband and my kids leave home.”
Flower necklace Vintage ivory white faux pearls and cream cabbage rose

Vintage earrings in transparent clear jewel teardrop shape estate style

Vintage necklace brass charm scepter key chain with teal glass pearls and crystal beads

Vintage earrings ivory white faux pearl earrings brass filigree

Vintage bobby hair pins iridescent deep green blue, teal and turquoise blue chrysanthemums flowers on antique filigree

Flower earrings frosted violet purple lucite flower vintage earrings

BRIDESMAIDS EARRINGS set of 5 teal peacock vintage earrings

DewDropsDreams is obviously a great Etsy shop run by Juhi from New Jersey. Doesn't she make amazing jewelry?! I just love it! So you might want to start thinking about Christmas…or some bridesmaids that need jewelry!