Modern Flower Child - Giveaway!

First off...Congrats to Sara for winning the earrings from Myriad Vintage! Secondly, I am pleased to announce a new giveaway from a really cool shop!

Modern Flower Child is a shop that I have been in love with for a couple of years now! And I will show you why! 

Forget Me Not Ring- Resin Ring-Resin Jewelry-Real Flower Jewelry-Blue Flowers-Jewelry Made with Real Flowers

Pink Earrings- Pink jewelry- Real Flower Earrings-Pink Flowers- Pink Flower Jewelry- Resin Jewelry- Post Earrings- Stud Earrings

White Flower Resin Bangle-Real Dried Flowers-Real Leaves-Green Bangle-Green Bracelet-Green Jewelry-White Bracelet-White Jewelry

Flower Ring- Purple Ring- Pink Ring-Green Ring-Flower Resin Ring-Resin Jewelry-Real Flower Ring Jewelry-Purple Flowers-Pink Flowers

Resin Bangle- Blue Bangle- Blue Flowers- Blue Bracelet-Blue Jewelry-Real Dried Flowers

And I have a pair of these:

Green Earrings- Real Flower Earrings- Green Leaves- Flower Jewelry- Resin Jewelry- Post Earrings-Resin Earrings-- Stud Earrings

Aren't they just lovely? I get compliments on them every time I wear them. I love the simple beauty of these natural elements of flowers and leaves and sometimes sand. I just love how simple and elegant and down to earth these pieces of art jewelry are! 

Now for the really good news! Modern Flower Child is offering up this amazing pendant as a giveaway for one of you, my lucky, lucky readers! Here are the dimensions: 1 2/8 inch tall (not counting the metal loops) x 5/8 inch wide x 3/8 inch thick. (Chain not included).