Tuesday Trades - KimCreative

Now that I am back on track, I am going to stay there! Today's trade happened during the November Trade Frenzy!

I traded with Kim from KimCreative for this great bracelet! It was kinda funny though because the package actually got lost in the mail! I have never had this happen before and was surprised. Both Kim and I ended up filing a complaint and within a week they miraculously "found" the package and sent it on to me. So I got the package after Christmas, which was okay because the bracelet was for me!

What did I make for Kim? Well, let me tell you! I was going to do another trade with a girl, but we haven't done it yet...anyway, she wanted me to make some dread beads. I had no idea what they were or how to make them, but she told me that they are beads you put on dreadlocks. I am not even kidding you. you can get bling for your dreadlocks and I know how to make them! So I had them in the shop and Kim asked if I could make her some. Here is what I made:

Pretty cool huh? Makes me want to try having dreadlocks...well maybe one...just for fun. Then again...maybe not. What are your thoughts?


Missing Trades - Part 7: CleariqueBoutique

This is the last missing trades post! I am finally caught up! Hurrah! Yippy Skippy! I am so glad that I caught up!

This trade was wit ha girl named Shealyn and her shop CleariqueBoutique. Shealyn does all kinds of amazing things and sells them in her shop, but I really needed some of the fair clips like we gave away last year! 

So here is what I got! 5 amazing clips! I got pink, white, purple, blue with a feather, and another white one! 

I really love them and wear them often because they make me happy! Shealyn asked me to make a bracelet especially for her! It was a blast to make and turned out pretty cute.

Well, that is all for now! Done with Missing Trade posts, but I still have more trade stories to share. Don't worry about that!


Missing Trades - Part 6: eruckman

Last autumn I did a really fun trade with Erica from eruckman. Erica does amazing hand stamped jewelry as you may remember from this post.

This time I got a really cool Christmas present for my Grandpa! It is just adorable and so him.

It is a perfect gift for him because he spends every summer in his camper. He just loves spending time in the wild by the pond and this key chain fob just reminded me of him so much!

Erica chose two sets of earrings from me. One for herself, and one for a friend for Christmas!

And that is not all! I still have one more missing trade's post to write before I am officially caught up! 


Missing Trades - Part 5: HoneybeeHobby

Holly from HoneyBeeHobby is wonderful! She makes amazing crocheted items that are super cool! I have traded with her many times, but I am getting ahead of myself....

It all started on day last November. It was a trade frenzy and I was checking out everyone's shops. then, all of the sudden, I found this great shop! It had all kinds of cool items like a Pokéball ToteBut what caught my attention the most was this amazing yellow headband!

You may be aware that yellow is not my favorite color (in case you are wondering it is pink). Somehow, this headband just seemed to be calling my name!

So I quick sent a convo to Holly asking her if she might possibly be interested in doing a trade with me. She wrote back ASPA with a YES!  We worked out all of the details and I got the headband and she got these earrings! Everyone went home happy!

Still more missing trades posts to come! 


Missing Trades - Part 4:TKIDesigns

This trade, was not a Christmas present...it was just for me! Even though it was November, I traded some of my jewelry for this awesome headband for myself from Christina at TKIDesigns.

I love this headband! It is sooo cute!

Christina got this from me and she did give it as a Christmas gift!:

More later!


My Life in Pinteresting

Have I ever talked about Pinterest? I think it may have been one of the reasons I was not posting in April...then again maybe it was all the homework for my MBA...No matter.

I love Pinterest! My cousin introduced me to it over Christmas time and I quickly became addicted!

Since then, I have amassed some 1640 pins and 13 boards! That actually is not that many. I know some people with loads more pins than that!

Has this ever happened to you? Have you become addicted to Pinterest?! What are your favorite pins? I have 13 different boards. They are, in order of number of pins:

Need to Bake
389 Pins

286 Pins

Do It Yourself-ish
240 Pins

A Few Frocks
212 Pins

My Work
131 Pins

Real Stars
117 Pins

91  Pins

66 Pins

57 Pins

Growing Things
25 Pins

Shops I love
5 Pins

Summer Fun
2 Pins

So let's find each other on Pinterest and share our lives!

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Missing Trades - Part 3: RiverHouseRustics

The third trade that I did not tell you about was with Kelly from RiverHouseRustics. Kelly makes fabulous things with wood!

Now, remember, this trade was in November. I traded with Kelly and got these awesome Christmas gift tags! They are super cool because they double an an ornament!

I got five of each design and they arrived just in time for me to tuck them into boxes with other gifts send them off to friends! Kelly chose two pair of earrings from my shop.

But wait! There's more to come!

April the Missing Month...Part 2


Missing Trades - Part 2: StarflyCreations

Here I am, continuing my posts about missing trades from the missing month. If you didn't see the first apologies from me, here they are:

April the Missing Month...Part 2
Missing Trades - Part 1

As I said before, November was an awesome month for trades! I am a member of a few different teams on Etsy and one of them was a team for noobs. That team had a trade day in November too and this is the story all about that trade!

Starla from StarflyCreations does amazing stationary. She does really cool cut paper cards and even does custom  silhouettes ! This is what I got from Starla!

Aren't they adorable?! The little squirrel card is a mini card, under 3 inches. Starla got these cute earrings from me:

More to come!


April the Missing Month...Part 2

So, it appears that I never blog in the month of April. I am not sure why this happens. Maybe it has to do with all of the family birthday's being in April. Maybe I am just tiered by then. Maybe I just get extra lazy in April. I don't know.

I have a bunch of Tuesday Trades to share. I have a whole list that I was going to do in April. See, I had it all planned and on the calender and I still didn't do it! My apologies to you all! I am so sorry. I plan to catch up really soon and let you know everything that is happening in my life!

To show you that I really do mean it, here is a trade story that I meant to post last month...

Back in November, I did a trade with Julie from Bohtieque! Julie makes awesome labels and I was lucky enough to get these from her:

Mine, of course, have my address and name on them. I really love them so much! I will hate to use them up.

Now, what did Julie get from me? Let me think about it....Oh yeah! She got a bracelet for her little daughter! Here it is:

See, I really do plan to write more blog posts and to catch up!