April the Missing Month...Part 2

So, it appears that I never blog in the month of April. I am not sure why this happens. Maybe it has to do with all of the family birthday's being in April. Maybe I am just tiered by then. Maybe I just get extra lazy in April. I don't know.

I have a bunch of Tuesday Trades to share. I have a whole list that I was going to do in April. See, I had it all planned and on the calender and I still didn't do it! My apologies to you all! I am so sorry. I plan to catch up really soon and let you know everything that is happening in my life!

To show you that I really do mean it, here is a trade story that I meant to post last month...

Back in November, I did a trade with Julie from Bohtieque! Julie makes awesome labels and I was lucky enough to get these from her:

Mine, of course, have my address and name on them. I really love them so much! I will hate to use them up.

Now, what did Julie get from me? Let me think about it....Oh yeah! She got a bracelet for her little daughter! Here it is:

See, I really do plan to write more blog posts and to catch up!