Missing Trades - Part 7: CleariqueBoutique

This is the last missing trades post! I am finally caught up! Hurrah! Yippy Skippy! I am so glad that I caught up!

This trade was wit ha girl named Shealyn and her shop CleariqueBoutique. Shealyn does all kinds of amazing things and sells them in her shop, but I really needed some of the fair clips like we gave away last year! 

So here is what I got! 5 amazing clips! I got pink, white, purple, blue with a feather, and another white one! 

I really love them and wear them often because they make me happy! Shealyn asked me to make a bracelet especially for her! It was a blast to make and turned out pretty cute.

Well, that is all for now! Done with Missing Trade posts, but I still have more trade stories to share. Don't worry about that!