Missing Trades - Part 5: HoneybeeHobby

Holly from HoneyBeeHobby is wonderful! She makes amazing crocheted items that are super cool! I have traded with her many times, but I am getting ahead of myself....

It all started on day last November. It was a trade frenzy and I was checking out everyone's shops. then, all of the sudden, I found this great shop! It had all kinds of cool items like a Pokéball ToteBut what caught my attention the most was this amazing yellow headband!

You may be aware that yellow is not my favorite color (in case you are wondering it is pink). Somehow, this headband just seemed to be calling my name!

So I quick sent a convo to Holly asking her if she might possibly be interested in doing a trade with me. She wrote back ASPA with a YES!  We worked out all of the details and I got the headband and she got these earrings! Everyone went home happy!

Still more missing trades posts to come!