My Life in Pinteresting

Have I ever talked about Pinterest? I think it may have been one of the reasons I was not posting in April...then again maybe it was all the homework for my MBA...No matter.

I love Pinterest! My cousin introduced me to it over Christmas time and I quickly became addicted!

Since then, I have amassed some 1640 pins and 13 boards! That actually is not that many. I know some people with loads more pins than that!

Has this ever happened to you? Have you become addicted to Pinterest?! What are your favorite pins? I have 13 different boards. They are, in order of number of pins:

Need to Bake
389 Pins

286 Pins

Do It Yourself-ish
240 Pins

A Few Frocks
212 Pins

My Work
131 Pins

Real Stars
117 Pins

91  Pins

66 Pins

57 Pins

Growing Things
25 Pins

Shops I love
5 Pins

Summer Fun
2 Pins

So let's find each other on Pinterest and share our lives!

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