Missing Trades - Part 2: StarflyCreations

Here I am, continuing my posts about missing trades from the missing month. If you didn't see the first apologies from me, here they are:

April the Missing Month...Part 2
Missing Trades - Part 1

As I said before, November was an awesome month for trades! I am a member of a few different teams on Etsy and one of them was a team for noobs. That team had a trade day in November too and this is the story all about that trade!

Starla from StarflyCreations does amazing stationary. She does really cool cut paper cards and even does custom  silhouettes ! This is what I got from Starla!

Aren't they adorable?! The little squirrel card is a mini card, under 3 inches. Starla got these cute earrings from me:

More to come!