Missing Trades - Part 1: DMRHas2

Since I missed so many Tuesday Trades posts in the missing month I decided to do a series of the missing trades. Just to clarify, I got what I wanted in the trades and the shops I traded with got what they wanted...the missing part is just that I did not post them yet!

Okay, on to Missing Trades - Part 1

November was a great month for trades! I did sooo many! One of the cool trades, and the first of its kind was with DMRHas2. The reason it is the first of its kind is because I did not trade my jewelry for the items I got from this shop! No, indeed. I traded her some of my supplies that I did not think I would use. It was a great trade all around though.

I got these awesome little guys from her! Aren't they adorable! 

Cutest little owl charms ever! I love them so much...I cannot bear to use them! I could bear to get rid of these though: 

The metal beads is what she wanted. They were huge! Not really my style at all. I mean, what was I ever going to do with those?

Stay tuned, more missing trades to come!