Number twelve: Craft Show Failure

This may not seem like a highlight of the summer, but it really was. Yeah, I was close to tears during the show, but it all turned out good and I learned so much.

I had fun setting up the show. collecting the props and making others, making jewelry all summer (when I wasn't doing homework or working), and I spent the day with my mom since she came with me to the show.  I only had a couple of sales and I barely covered the cost of my booth fee. Pretty sad, that bit.

On the other hand, I got tons of compliments on my jewelry and every loved my displays. I learned that shows are not my favorite thing and they are much harder to sell at than you might think. I have a very deep, new-found respect for people that do shows all the time.

So that is my summer recap. It was great and I am so glad that everything happened the way that it did!  How was your summer? What great things happened in your life?