What I have been up to!

I realize that lately, I have not said anything about what I have been doing crafty wise!! That is so bad! I am sorry guys!

Okay, so remember how I was playing with black clay back in February? Well, I got the itch again and had to make some more stuff last month. Here are a couple of things I made:
Can you believe it is just black clay?
Cute huh?
Love these!!!
Then I made this necklace...I think it is going to be a Christmas present for someone....
I love necklaces like this!!
Love all the color!
Also, remember my recent post about Gini and her Dorset buttons? Well, I was naturally curious about them and decided to see if my local library had a book about them. I was lucky enough to find a book and have been trying my hand at Dorset buttons:
Don't you dare think these are my first ones. Those were really bad!
I love them!!!
Gini was right! These little guys are addictive!! Anyone have any thread or bone rings laying around that they would like to get ride of?
I did the center part first and then transferred the colors to Dorset buttons!
Now I need to decide what to do with them. I love just looking at them all together, but I should make them into something....hmmmm........

Well, that is what I have been up to these days! I also made like a million pair of earrings for my Etsy shop...I should probably get those posted...

P.S. Do you think my photography skills are improving? Compared to these?