One Week Later

Wow! I can hardly believe it has been a whole entire week since my last post! That is ridicules! I completely forgot about Thursday Treasuries because I was getting ready to go to New York City.

I had to go to New York for a school field trip. Yeah, we get field trips in the MBA program. Crazy huh?! Anyway, I was gone from Friday until I got back Yesterday afternoon. It was a whirlwind adventure and I had a fun time...my feet still hurt though!
Tile work in the subway.
The first thing we did was go to the New York Stock Exchange right there on Wall Street! It was really neat and we were the first MBA group to actually get onto the trading floor! We got to talk to a guy that was in charge of 50 different stocks - he is the only one there who trades those stocks. Pretty interesting. We got to ask all kinds of questions and we even found out why the place was strewn with litter. Those guys jobs are so important that they can not take a little walk over to a trash can to throw things away. Why is their job so important? Well, most companies use complex algorithms to do the trading. In fact, all the other stock exchanges around the world, only use algorithms and no people. The problem is that computers do not realize that selling 100 million shares might be a mistake or that you have to sell off shares slowly. People are there so that they can find the mistakes and stop the market from completely imploding. Pretty awesome all told. These guys are the heroes of our time. they are making sure that our retirement funds and college funds never go away entirely.
NYSE, I took this picture!
After that we rode the subway to Bloomberg. I stood up on the subway because that is what all the cool people do in the movies right? Well, it is a lot harder than it looks and I have a new respect for all the people who stand up on the subway.

Bloomberg looks like a perfect place to work. Why? Because no body really works, you can wear jeans, and there is free food courts on ever 6th floor. Oh, and they have a circular escalator!
The circular escalator and I took this picture too.
After that...we walked....and walked....and walked. We walked about a mile and a half and it took us about 45 minutes because the foot traffic was unbelievable! It was all good though because we made it to our destination - Tony's Di Napoli! It was amazing!
So much food!
After dinner we walked about half a block longer to Time Square which was amazing. I got to go into the Toys R Us, M&M Store, and the Hershy's Store! Very cool indeed. The Toys R Us has a working farris wheel and an ice cream shop inside!
Time Square was amazing. 

So many lights.

Picture of Broadway ads.

The ferris wheel at Toys R Us!
On Saturday we went to Little Italy and China Town. China Town is so packed full of people! It was just like the movies.So Crazy! We had dinner at Il Cortile. It was really good too. I handmade Gnocchi stuffed with Mascarpone cheese, spinach, and chicken...soooo goood! For dessert? An ice cream bomb with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, slivered almonds, and a Marciano cherry all covered in a chocolate coating!
Totufo (I think) from Il Cortile.
After dinner we had to run to catch the subway train to get to our Broadway show. We got there 5 minutes before they closed the doors. Phew! Just in time! We went to Sister Act at the Broadway Theater and it was amazing. I seriously do not think I stopped smiling the entire time! Awesome!!
Not my picture...not allowed to take photos.
On Sunday morning we went to the Brooklyn Tabernacle church which was litterally huge. Not my kind of church too much "can I hear an amen?". And the preacher talked down to the congregation as though we were all children under 5 years old. The music was nice though. Too much clapping for me though...and way too much audience participation type stuff..."Go shake hands with 10 people you do not know."
crazy big church - like 150 in the choir!
After church we ate a Junior's which is famous for it's cheesecake. I had a beef brisket and it was soooo good!
Great food again!
Sunday night we all went to Ground Zero and the Staten Island Ferry. It was about 9 pm when we got on the ferry and the skyline was lovely.
Really nice ride.
It was a fun time...you know, I did have to do class work though. We all had to give presentations. My group did our presentation on "How to Globalize a Brand or Market." We chose the Nintendo Company as an example and the presentation went really well.

Okay, so that is my excuse for forgetting about you guys! I am sorry though. I will get back to blogging regularly soon, probably after Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays!!