Giveaway from WildTiles!!

Hey everyone! We have a winner for the Great Headband Giveaway...you will have to go and see who won!

Now! It is time for a new giveaway! This time I want to introduce you to Candy from WildTiles. Candy is the amazing lady behind a really great Etsy shop. When she was little she always wanted to be an archaeologist! Candy has harnessed this love of ancient things and translated it into great modern mosaic jewelry! Here are a few of her great items:
I LOVE this pendant!!!
This has my name all over it as well!
Soooooo cute!!
Candy is a great artist and has many other fantastic items available in her shop. You can go and take a look at what treasures she has. Candy has also been extremely generous and has offered all of you, dear readers, a coupon for 20% off at her shop! Just use code "BLACKANT " This code will work throughout the month of November and is good on all orders! Isn't she great?!

Now onto the giveaway!! Candy is offering up one pair of mosaic bobby pins and one mosaic brooch to the winner! The winner will have her choice of color! See the possibilities?!?!?!
Here are the brooches! Too adorable!!
She has tons of Bobby pins to choose from!
I love these...so festive for Christmas!
Aren't they the cutest things ever?
So pretty!
These might be my all time favorites :D

Good luck everyone!!! And happy only 40some days till Christmas!!!