Coupon of the month!!

Yey! It's November tomorrow and November is very close to December... and December has Christmas!!!! So in honor of that super important fact and without further ado.....I give you.....(drum-roll please!).....the coupon code of the month!!!!!!!


This coupon will allow you to save a whopping 15% off of every single order from my shop for the entire month!!! Time to order Christmas presents!!!! Yippy!!

Hurrah for Christmas!!


Feature Friday and a Giveaway!!

Hey guys! I have some really exciting news!! And it is even more exciting for you than it is for me! Ha! One of you is going to win an awesome headband from WhateversCleverbyC! Here are a couple pictures!
Aren't they cute?!
Which would you pick?
Something more casual?
WhateversCleverbyC is run by Cecilia Cook who is a great gal! Her shop "is filled with wonderful randomness! Options are limitless, style is fantastic. Nothing says "You're amazing" like a hand crafted, useful item!" Her claims are true too! She has great stuff! There are so many things I would buy if I had infinite funds!!

Enter the giveaway below! Good Luck my lovelies!!!

UPDATE: Her Shop is closed now :(


Thursday Treasury

Treasury Thursday is here!!! You know what that means! A bunch of great items pulled together around a theme and... tomorrow is Friday!!!!
Purple Perfection!
See my pretty bracelet is featured!!! I love all of these colors to nice.

Now for a little Friday celebration:


Tuesday Trades

Today I want to share a really great trade with you guys! During the last trade frenzy I met Lorraine from Scotch Plains, NJ! She makes fantastic hand knit items and has a daughter names Elise. Anyway, this is what I got:
Isn't it lovely?!
I was lucky enough to get this fantastic PINK cowl! I have been wanting a cowl for ages and just had not gotten to making one for myself. I love it so much and it actually goes with a lot of my clothes. It is so warm and cozy too! I really do not like tight things around my neck and this cowl is not tight at all! LOVE IT!!

I guess you might want to know what Lorraine got. Well, I'll tell you, just hold your horses...She got 2 items!
A bracelet!
And a Ring!
Well, that wraps up today's post :D



Hey everyone! I have tons of exciting news! How can there be more?! Well, first off, I am working with several other shop owners to do features, reviews, and giveaways! That is right! I said giveaways!! I already have three ready! The first one will start on November 1st so keep an eye out!

The other exciting thing is that I am starting to do some giveaways on other people's websites too! This week you can sign up at 10xNine for a chance to win 9 different $25 gift cards for 9 different shops! That is a total of $225!!! In free stuff!! This week I am being featured and am really looking forward to it. So go over and take a look! You have a chance to win some great items! Only 70 people entered last week, so your odds are pretty high of winning. Good luck everyone!!
Here are a few things you can win!
Great Arm Warmers!
A Cozy Cowl!
A lovely 14K Gold Necklace!
An adorable Chick!
A Cute Octopus!
And in case you do not feel like getting up to cook...
Wonderful Owl Magnets!
A Blingy Ringy!!
A Locket Cameo!
Great Earrings!
Cute Necklace!
WARNING: This is not food...it's soap!
Doesn't this look wonderful?!
Cute kids clothes
Pretty necklaces...that I made!
Or some nice earrings!
Now, remember! Christmas is a mere 61 days until Christmas! Why not win the gifts you will give!! 

UPTADE: 10xNINE no longer exists. Sorry guyses! 


Featuring Junee Hee!!!

Today, I want to introduce you guys to Junee Hee! This is a great Etsy shop filled with all kinds of wonderful things! The motto is even “Every creation, every product has a story to unveil.” How great is that?!

Junee has a very unique style which stems from an awesome mix of Chinese culture and the New York fashion world. If that was not cool enough, she chooses the natural path to creation by using eco-friendly and organic materials such as her favorite’s – bamboo, wood, fresh water pearls, stones and ceramics. She also likes to mix in some Swarovski crystals because she likes to “sparkle the spirit of the nature.” Isn’t that great! Now take a look at some of her amazing work!

Like Nothing I have ever seen before!

My favorite!!

This one is made from Organic Bamboo with Swarovski Coral Pearls and Golden Chain. 

Great ring! I think I would wear it everyday!!

I love that this one is called a “sugar cookie” it looks just like one!

I hope you guys will take a look at Junee Hee’s Etsy shop and take a look at her Facebook :D Leave her a nice comment and tell her I sent you!


Exciting News!!

Hello Everyone!!

I just have to share some information with you!! Most of you know that I opened my shop a couple months ago (BlackAntBeads.Etsy.com). Well, I was given an amazing opportunity and I took it! 

Tomorrow! Tomorrow, I am being featured on Crafty Attic. Crafty Attic is a website similar to Groupon, but it is only for handmade items. So my deal is $12 for $20 and goes toward shipping too!

I am just really exited about this and just wanted to let you all know about a little bit that is going on in my life :D So, yeah, I am pretty much ridiculously excited!! Jumping up and down excited. Please pray that I will continue to give this business to the LORD and that I am not too uptight about it.

Love to you all!!

UPDATE: Crafty Attic does not exist anymore either.

Thursday Treasury

Good morning everyone! Today I want to share a treasury with you that is pretty important to me. This is the first treasury one of my own items was featured in!
See my pretty earrings!! It was so fun to be featured and I ended up having a bunch of views and favorites as a result of this treasury. Another fun thing about this collection is that it was a "name this treasury." This meant that anyone could try and name it. If they won they would be featured in the next treasury made by this team! 

I also have a very important announcement to make later today so stay tuned!!


Tuesday Trades

Here we are again. Time fore Tuesday Trades!!! This time I want to tell you about a trade that came about during a trade frenzy. If I did not tell you before, a trade frenzy is a day when everyone possible gets together to trade! It is so much fun and it helps shops find each other and make trades.
I made a trade with the wonderful Aimee Re! Aren't theses earrings adorable?! I just love them so much!! I am planning to give them to my mom for Christmas - they are just her style!
This is the bracelet that Aimee got. She says she really likes it which makes me happy :D
We also did a little side trade. Aimee had some memory wire that she was not using and offered it to me if I would send her some beads from my stash! Isn't that a great way to make the trade more personal? I thought it was great!!


Thursday Treasury

Another great thing about Etsy is that you can make lists and those of you who know me...know that I love lists! That is another story though, I'm talking about Etsy treasuries today. Anyone with an Etsy account can put together a treasury. They can be based on a color or a theme. Some treasuries are purely promotional and others are games. I want to share my first treasury with you today. I just put together some things that I like.

Party Trays!!!

"They make a rainy day a pretty picnic inside. They make sandwiches food for princesses. They are perfect for every occasion. Party Trays = Love."

Amazingly, my first treasury was viewed over 2260 times!


Tuesday Trades

Since I am relatively new to Esty, I have been learning a ton! One of the things that I learned is that there are teams that shoppers and shop owners can join. The teams range from anything from religion to location and from promotions to trades. I joined several teams and among them are a few trading teams.

So, once I joined the team I discovered that once a month or so they have a trade frenzy! It is when a bunch of people get together and try to trade! A trade happens when one person places an order with a shop and that shop places an order with the first shop. It is a great way to get awesome stuff and get your items out there for people to really see. All you do is pay to ship your own item! 
Needless to say, I have participated in 14 trades! Today, I want to tell you about the first trade I made. My first trade request came from a shop called UpstateHerbWorks. Cathy Shafer is the woman behind UHW and she had seen a post I had written in the Etsy forums about wanting to trade. Then she read my shop profile and saw that I was diabetic. Well, Cathy makes a special product for feet (which tend to be a problem spot for diabetics) and she "knew we had to trade!" The funny thing was that it was not a little trade to try trading out! It was a big trade! This is what I got:
Regenerate Healing Balm, Fights Bacteria and Fungus with Essential Oils of Blue Tansy & German Chamomile, Organic Tamanu Oil - 0.50 oz.
Calm Cramps, Fair-Trade Kpangnan Butter Balm with Muscle Soothing Essential Oils, Great for PMS Aches & Charley Horses, Travel Tin - 0.50oz.
Orange-Vanilla Lip Love, with Super-Critical extracts of Sea Buckthorn Berry & Vanilla, Butters of Mango and Fair-Trade Cocoa, Paraben Free
Mint Chocolate, Organic Shea & Fair Trade Cocoa Butters, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Paraben and Petroleum Free 0.15oz.
Chocolate Vanilla Chap-Stick, Real Cacao Essential Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Local Beeswax, Paraben & Petroleum Free, Sale
Key Lime Chap-Stick, a Lip-Loving Citrus Kiss of Pure Essential Oils, Local, Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients, Paraben and Petroleum Free
Mocha, Fair-Trade Cocoa Butter Lip Balm with Pesticide-Free Jojoba, Essential Oils of Coffee, Vanilla & Cacao, Petroleum Free

I LOVE everything!! When I opened the package it all smelled sooooo good! I have been using the Mint Chocolate Nuts chap stick and it is so wonderful! Anyway, This is what she got from me:
RESERVED for UpstateHerbWorks...Mocha Cherry Spiral Bracelet
RESERVED for UpstateHerbWorks...Purple Berry DNA Spiral Bracelet
RESERVED for UpstateHerbWorks...Red Agate Rust Necklace
All in all, it was a great Trade!! Cathy was so happy with what she got that she even took some pictures to send to me:

Aren't they great?! Well, now you have to wait for the next trade review on the 18th. Don't forget about Treasury Thursday!!!