Tuesday Trades

Since I am relatively new to Esty, I have been learning a ton! One of the things that I learned is that there are teams that shoppers and shop owners can join. The teams range from anything from religion to location and from promotions to trades. I joined several teams and among them are a few trading teams.

So, once I joined the team I discovered that once a month or so they have a trade frenzy! It is when a bunch of people get together and try to trade! A trade happens when one person places an order with a shop and that shop places an order with the first shop. It is a great way to get awesome stuff and get your items out there for people to really see. All you do is pay to ship your own item! 
Needless to say, I have participated in 14 trades! Today, I want to tell you about the first trade I made. My first trade request came from a shop called UpstateHerbWorks. Cathy Shafer is the woman behind UHW and she had seen a post I had written in the Etsy forums about wanting to trade. Then she read my shop profile and saw that I was diabetic. Well, Cathy makes a special product for feet (which tend to be a problem spot for diabetics) and she "knew we had to trade!" The funny thing was that it was not a little trade to try trading out! It was a big trade! This is what I got:
Regenerate Healing Balm, Fights Bacteria and Fungus with Essential Oils of Blue Tansy & German Chamomile, Organic Tamanu Oil - 0.50 oz.
Calm Cramps, Fair-Trade Kpangnan Butter Balm with Muscle Soothing Essential Oils, Great for PMS Aches & Charley Horses, Travel Tin - 0.50oz.
Orange-Vanilla Lip Love, with Super-Critical extracts of Sea Buckthorn Berry & Vanilla, Butters of Mango and Fair-Trade Cocoa, Paraben Free
Mint Chocolate, Organic Shea & Fair Trade Cocoa Butters, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Paraben and Petroleum Free 0.15oz.
Chocolate Vanilla Chap-Stick, Real Cacao Essential Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, Local Beeswax, Paraben & Petroleum Free, Sale
Key Lime Chap-Stick, a Lip-Loving Citrus Kiss of Pure Essential Oils, Local, Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients, Paraben and Petroleum Free
Mocha, Fair-Trade Cocoa Butter Lip Balm with Pesticide-Free Jojoba, Essential Oils of Coffee, Vanilla & Cacao, Petroleum Free

I LOVE everything!! When I opened the package it all smelled sooooo good! I have been using the Mint Chocolate Nuts chap stick and it is so wonderful! Anyway, This is what she got from me:
RESERVED for UpstateHerbWorks...Mocha Cherry Spiral Bracelet
RESERVED for UpstateHerbWorks...Purple Berry DNA Spiral Bracelet
RESERVED for UpstateHerbWorks...Red Agate Rust Necklace
All in all, it was a great Trade!! Cathy was so happy with what she got that she even took some pictures to send to me:

Aren't they great?! Well, now you have to wait for the next trade review on the 18th. Don't forget about Treasury Thursday!!!