Tuesday Trades

Here we are again. Time fore Tuesday Trades!!! This time I want to tell you about a trade that came about during a trade frenzy. If I did not tell you before, a trade frenzy is a day when everyone possible gets together to trade! It is so much fun and it helps shops find each other and make trades.
I made a trade with the wonderful Aimee Re! Aren't theses earrings adorable?! I just love them so much!! I am planning to give them to my mom for Christmas - they are just her style!
This is the bracelet that Aimee got. She says she really likes it which makes me happy :D
We also did a little side trade. Aimee had some memory wire that she was not using and offered it to me if I would send her some beads from my stash! Isn't that a great way to make the trade more personal? I thought it was great!!