Number Two - Work with Amazing women in a Fantastic Quilt Shop

This is a big one guys! Over the summer I worked at the Hen House. The Hen House is a quilt shop that has been open for over 30 years. A family friend owns the shop and was selected to be in the Spring Issue of Quilt Sampler magazine! This is a huge honor and has brought in tons of new customers.

As an intern, I was at the shop almost everyday, I did get a few days off. I worked Monday through Saturday 10 to 5:30. It was great. I was able to be really helpful and useful which is great!

A couple of weeks after I got thee, just as I was getting the hang of things...the shop owner got really sick and was out of the shop for basically the whole summer. So guess what...I ended up being the manager while she was out sick.

Now why would an inter who had only been in the shop a couple weeks become the manager? Well, it has to do with the way the other girls are scheduled at the shop.

Ronda works Monday's and Friday's.
Debbie works Tuesdays.
Linda works Wednesdays.
Carolyn works Thursdays.
Do you see the problem? None of them are there two days in a row! I was the only one that was there all the time!

Needles to say, I learned tons. I learned practical knowledge about running a shop. I learned about sewing, quilting, pressing vs. ironing, and reverse sewing.

All the ladies were really wonderful to work with and have all become very dear to me.