Number one -Staying with Family

So over the summer I stayed with my Mom's sister and her family. My Aunt Nancy, Uncle Dan, and cousins Katie and Jacob had a crazy summer. For one thing, they played host to me. But more importantly, Jake left for Marine Bootcamp in early June.

This was a major change for everyone. I think I have mentioned before that Jake is like a brother to me, well I cried like a baby when he left. We all had a pretty hard time with it, but we were able to work through it together.

Jake got back from Bootcamp as a Private First Class (PFC) just last week for a ten day leave. The whole family got together for a great party on Saturday!

Staying with my family was such a blessing. We all became closer to each other and it was so fun. Katie and I would pretty much take over the living room after the dinner dishes were done and we would watch Bones or Supernatural while I made jewelry and got ready for my show...of course, I only did this when I was not doing homework and working on my thesis.