Number three - Church and My Relationship with Jesus!

Oh rejoice! Rejoice rejoice rejoice! My heart cannot hold it all in. Life is wonderful and good and sweet!

So at the beginning of the summer, I was going to church with my aunt and her family. Not that it was horrible or anything, but it just was not for me. Worship was hard and the message was hard to relate to. Plus the service started at 8:30 in the morning!

One Sunday Katie and I decided to go to a later service and after that we were kinda laughing about church hopping. Then Katie suggested that we go to her old church in Lansing.

We made our plans and told her parents. The next Sunday we found ourselves at South! I have not been in a church that is so alive, so in love with Christ since Spring Arbor! It was amazing! Worship was wonderful and the messages spoke to my very soul! The best thing was that it really filled my spirit and helped me get through the stresses of the week.

Katie and I would be practically sobbing while we sang praises to Jesus. It was wonderful!

Meanwhile, furring the week, I was stressed beyond belief. The shop owner was out sick and I was doing my best to keep the shop together. My classes were challenging (I should probably say I was having issues with MY instructor, but I don't want to name names). I was having more trouble than I thought I should have been having writing my thesis. I missed home. I was not getting as much jewelry made as I had planned. I did not have a job for after my internship. I just felt like I was failing at life!

Crazy thought for a 24 year old right? But let me tell you, we feel them just the same. Like I told Katie, life is harder than they tell you.

So there I was, loving church, but not really growing closer to Jesus. That is when the pastor did a sermon on hesitant Christians. And I was like yeah! That is me!

That week, almost every night. I cried while I talked to Jesus. I needed to know why I was not trusting him with everything...I discovered that I was afraid of what he would do with me...as if his perfect will would be bad for me! Crazy, I know.

So that is when I decided that even if he wants me to go to some crazy bug infested, wild place with no flush toilets, that I would go. Do you know why? Well it is because I know that he will take care of me wherever he sends me. I finally trusted him with everything. I gave it all to him, I cannot and I do not want to be in charge of all the things in my life. There is too much for one person to deal with!

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we think that we can do better with our lives than Jesus can? Why do we worry when he is right next to us asking if he can help?

I don't really know why we do these things, but I do know that he will take anything we give him and he will do a better job than we can by ourselves.

Thank you Lord Jesus!! Master of all!! Praise your name forever!!! Amen!