So, I was talked into this whole blogging thing by my three of my friends. And I want to introduce you to all of the blogs I follow, as of right now.

First, I want to tell you about Hannah Gregus. This girl is amazing! 

Another fabulous person you need to know about is Katie Pick! This girl is so cool! I am super proud of her. Katie is an amazing author and I know that we will hear about her in the future. I have been reading her latest book and it is so great! Oh, and I made her jewelry for her prom:
I still have more friends to introduce you too and the next one is Casey Johnson. She is a great friend and a wonderful journalist. You should check out her blog!! Do IT!
hummm...I don't have an good pictures of her...so, instead of being a mean person and posting a picture of when she got her nose pierced...I just will not post a picture at all :(
 hehehe....Casey was really sad that I did not have a picture of her. So, she sent me one and here it is, just for you!

The next friend you need to meet is Katelynn Mayhew! She is just about the best friend I have here at school! I do not think she will mind if I post this picture of us, so here it is!

This was the result of our mud fight last year!