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It is kinda funny. I thought I would only use this blog to talk about jewelry and well, that really has not been the case. I have been talking about friends, home, and life in general. Well, the time has come to talk about jewelry! While my grandma was here, she and my mom were talking about this new kind of bead called Mirage Mood Beads. These beads are really cool!
The beads come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.
They change color based on temperature. They start out black when they are cold then go to bright purple when they are warmest.
This is the kind my grandma had as earrings.
I think these are my favorite shape!
Here is a little something I found on Etsy.com you can buy it here:
Another cool thing I need to tell you guys is that I got an AWESOME ring for graduation from my mom and dad. Here is a lame picture...
Okay, I hope that is enough for now. Love you guys!!