Life is Awesome!

So today Mom and I were out grocery shopping and decided to stop at a couple of craft stores because there were some sales going on. We needed more black clay for the antique jewelry and then we found out that another store was having a 50% off sale on spools of ribbon! Wohoo!!! Look at these lovelies!

Also, my sister started a new class this week! Classic Pastries and Chocolates!! I am so excited about this class of hers! Last night she brought home a chocolate mousse and it looks soo good!
Doesn't it look Divine?!
And another fun thing! We got two new computers earlier this year and my dad decided he needed to take the hard drives out of the old ones and keep them. So, while he had it all taken apart...he asked me if I wanted anything...Of course, me being me, I said, "Yes please! Can I have it all?!" He took it all out for me! Look at this great stuff I have!

There are two motherboards, 4 DDR RAM, video cards, sound cards - the works! All mine! I can't wait to start making some jewelry with it all! Life is so great!