April...The Missing Month

Last month, I was really busy. Not only was on working on a graduate level marketing project, but I was really, really crafty! I completely finished  those awesome clay peices I made earlier this year.

Like the Celtic knots I did?
I got a book from the library and loved it so much I had to buy it....and make almost everything in it!!!!!!

I had to buy some new beads...well, technically not beads, they don't have holes.
Then I had to buy settings for the stones I bought!
 Then I got to make stuff!

This one is actually my own design.

See my sketch?

Another one of my designs.

With the original sketch!

My design again! I love this ring!!

Another little necklace I designed.

Just look at it! It is so triumphant!

Oh yeah! I got a pair of FREE Crocs!
 You might know that I got into doing surveys online a couple of years ago. Well, I joined a new website...http://www.focuslinesurveys.com/....And the surveys on there actually add up to real money. Once you have accumulated $25 you can "cash out" and order a gift card. It only took me about 2 months for my first gift card and I almost have enough for another one! I got an Amazon.com gift card for $25! So, knowing me, what would I buy? Pink shoes of course!!!

I hope you guys all had such an awesome April!!!