Greetings friends! Today I bring you another great shop! WireQueenJewelry! From the mind and powers of Michelle Hawkins comes a whole bunch of lovely wire wrapped jewelry and more!

What inspires you?

“Many of my designs I dreamed before I made them. I've always been accused of having one foot on the earth and the other in the ethereal, something I can't deny. I believe in honoring the gemstones when I use them. I cover as little of the face of the stone as possible. This requires more time and skill on my part. A skill I have developed over the ten years I have created wire art, but your stone is secure in its setting. I try and educate my buyer about the gemstone properties and folklore. “

How did you get started in this work?

“I started importing beads and stringing jewelry. I picked up some wire and fell in love with wire jewelry. All told I have been making jewelry more than 20 years. I have customers from 10 and 15 years back who are still wearing their "pretties" and receiving compliments.”

What makes you stand out from all the other wire wrap jewelry artists out there?

 “You will not see yourself everywhere in my pieces. The only pieces I do a lot of the same are the cowrie shell items which are my signature. The cowrie shell pieces are not even the same each time due to the nature of freehand wire work.”

Don’t you just love this work?! Wire wrapping is amazing. What is your favorite piece from the shop?