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If you have been following my blog for a long time, you might have picked up on my...umm...eclectic style! I like so many things. I like vintage, antique, shabby chic, Hollywood regency, and then I like bright and glitter too! As a part of my crazy style, I have discovered that leggings are a major advance in fashion! Leggings can add pop to a boring outfit, they can complete a look, and they can allow you to be yourself.
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See what I mean? They just make an outfit so much nicer!
Description: http://cfc.polyvoreimg.com/cgi/img-set/.sig/A7cNOCPiGuHRlQ5skPY5IQ/cid/66143802/id/TRIPZRWqTmunhgpe1POIuw/size/c600x555.jpg
So! On Thursday, I received a box in the mail! I did not know who it was from or what was inside. So I had to open it. Inside, oh! Inside! Inside the box was a delightfully wonderful pair of purple corduroy leggings and some awesome tights! These No nonsense tights and leggings were sent just so I could try them out! How cool is that?! Anyway, I was thrilled and had to wear the leggings to work on Friday!
Everyone loved them! The ladies I work with thought they were great and asked all about these keen leggings! And customers in the shop were curious too. People of all ages and lifestyles really thought the leggings were cool. The color was great, but I think my favorite part is how wonderfully comfortable the leggings are!
Wonder where you can get a pair to wear to all those holiday parties? You can get them anywhere from the pharmacy down the street to the big box store in town - food and drug stores to mass merchandisers! Could it be more convenient? I think not! Plus, did I mention the price? While you might expect to pay something like $40 for a nice pair of leggings, or maybe $80 for a really nice pair....you can snag these perfect babies for under $20!  And that is worth a "Like" on No nonsense on Facebook right?!
Still not sure how you would wear a pair of purple corduroy leggings (they do come in other colors)? Well! No nonsense has partnered with Jill Martin, a stylish, modern woman who knows how to make the most out of every outfit in her closet without spending a fortune, to teach us all how to wear these awesome fashions! I love the idea of making the most of the things I already have too!

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