Tuesday Trades - AllThatGlittersbyKML

Today, I want to tell you about a really really great trade I did for some Christmas presents! I would like to introduce you to Kristi the owner of AllThatGlittersbyKML!

Kristi makes all kinds of wonderful bath bombs and soaps. My younger sister always takes baths, so I thought, "well, this would be a nice present for her!"

Kristi makes her bath bombs in the shape of cupcakes! For a pastry chef sister - they are perfect! Not to mention the scents you can order! I ordered 2Cotton Candy, 2Toasted Marshmallow, 1Frosted Cupcake, 1Fresh Peach, 1Chocolate Brownie, and 1Raspberry. I also sent some of these to other great friends. I mean my sister could not have them all! They were so pretty and all smelled soooo good! Kristi does a fantastic job!

I guess it is time to share what Kristi ordered from me! 

I made this pretty ring for Kristi! She told me that, "A wonderful piece! Every detail was perfect and the packaging delightful! Thank you so much for a lovely transaction :)" I just love trading!