Clip it, Save it

Do you ever get tired of your messy favorites? I do. I have so many favorite websites....its embarrassing. And then I can never remember what I saw where when I want to find it again. I search and search!
Now there is a website that lets me save all my favorite websites into one page! clipix lets you clip and organize everything online! My first clipboard is full of crayon art...I secretly really want to try it!
Unlike some other websites clipix does a lot of work for you automatically. It fills in titles, prices, you name it! Really easy to use!

If you have any of the same problems with internet favorites than you should try clipix!
What do you think you will use clipix for?! Cloths? Videos? Crafts? Do-it-Yourself projects? Things to buy? I think the list can go on forever! You can share your clipboards with friends and you can take your clips with you through an iPhone app!
So, yeah! clipix is awesome!
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