Life is Awesome!

So today Mom and I were out grocery shopping and decided to stop at a couple of craft stores because there were some sales going on. We needed more black clay for the antique jewelry and then we found out that another store was having a 50% off sale on spools of ribbon! Wohoo!!! Look at these lovelies!

Also, my sister started a new class this week! Classic Pastries and Chocolates!! I am so excited about this class of hers! Last night she brought home a chocolate mousse and it looks soo good!
Doesn't it look Divine?!
And another fun thing! We got two new computers earlier this year and my dad decided he needed to take the hard drives out of the old ones and keep them. So, while he had it all taken apart...he asked me if I wanted anything...Of course, me being me, I said, "Yes please! Can I have it all?!" He took it all out for me! Look at this great stuff I have!

There are two motherboards, 4 DDR RAM, video cards, sound cards - the works! All mine! I can't wait to start making some jewelry with it all! Life is so great!


Let it BEGIN! Let it BEGIN!

Hey Guys! Well this is the first week of the MBA program!! I am so excited for it! I feel just like Rhino from Bolt!

Yes, I do know I am a ridicules nerd for being excited about school, but I can not help it! Here are a few pictures to mark this momentous occasion in my life...lol just kidding. We need not be so somber. This is going to be fun!

My acceptance letter!
Wohoo!! SAU!!!

Look at these great books! So excited!! Look at the boatload for accounting!! The four books on the right. Four! Oh and the quilt in the background is one my mom made for me. The bright colors are so me!
So far it does not seem like it will take too much of my time so I should be able to be crafty still. :D I started working on another sweater last night while I was watching the wonderful old Disney Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians. I love those great old movies. I am not sure how much jewelry and knitting I will do in the near future though. You see, Lent is starting tomorrow...and...I have decided to reduce the number of movies I watch a week from between 7 and 11 to only 2! The problem must be obvious to you all. I make things while I watch movies. So If I am not watching movies I might not be making jewelry. Don't worry! I will do stuff, it just might not be as much as before. Anyway, I am giving up movies (inferior relaxation and recreation) in order to spend more time relying on God. He is the only true relaxation and peace. So, I'm going to do it! Hope you guys all have a great Fat Tuesday and a wonderful Lenten season filled with hope and renewal and peace! Get closer to God, guys!


March comes in like a lion, what else? Still the snow, never melts...

Not that we have any snow, but I just felt like singing a bit of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! I love that movie!!  Sorry I could not embed that for you, having issues...Silly old Youtube!

Anyway, here are some pictures of what I have been up to the last few days :D
Made this necklace and bracelet set while watching Book of Eli.

I love these vintage glass buttons!

It always amazes me how good the pictures look on the camera and how bad they look on the blog.

Close up view of the necklace.

Another view.

Necklace straps.

Love those crystals!
Now, I know you are all waiting to see what else I did with clay and I don't want to disappoint you....so, without further eloquence, I give you these beauties!
A little necklace made with polished quarts.

Don't the stones just glow?!
Some lovely random stones on a leather cording.

These stones are really pretty large - the red one takes up most of my palm!
I love Malachite!

I did this one with some random odds and ends of clay.

This one is supposed to look like it is made of hammered gold.

I think this one is my favorite! Malachite and pearls!! So lovely!
Mom made this one.
She did this one too.
Lovely little assortment.

A tiny button!

Little pendants.

Mom made this one.

Isn't it intricate?!
 And now, If you were wondering what I did with the ones I already made....
I love the way these look on this wonderful ribbon.

And finally! A finished piece!

Aren't these beads awesome?! I bought them ages ago and they go perfectly with the clay pendant!
Well, that is what I have been up to! I hope I can keep up with making cool stuff and blogging about it when school starts. I start the MBA program on the 7th!! It came around so fast! I can hardly believe it!

P.S. My apologies people! As I review this post...I realize that my photography skills are extremely hit or miss! So sorry. :( I need to learn how to take better pictures.