Quick Save

Have you ever thought to yourself before something big happened, "Hey, I should quick save before this happens," because I have. The idea of a quick save comes from video games. There is usually a button on the keyboard that, once pressed, immediately saves all progress. That way you can go back to the save if something bad happens...like if you die.

Wouldn't it be nice to save your life, just the way it is, before you took a big test? Or what about before you ate some questionable food? Or before you wasted your time online? Before you broke something? Or before you bought something? Or what about saving before you said something nasty or mean? It seems like we should have a built in quick save function. Life would be so much better, wouldn't it? If you could go back knowing how something was going to pan out, knowing how something was going to happen...wouldn't you want to?

As I look back at yesterday, I wish that I could have quick saved before I got out of bed. Sure it was a great day, but  I wasted a ton of time. I can't tell you what I did from 2-4 yesterday. I just wasted my time. Now, I have a ton of stuff to do today...and here I am blogging instead! What is the world coming to?

Maybe a quick save function in real life would not be such a good idea. Sometimes hard times are the most important in our lives. They are the times we grow out of. We grow the most out of these times because that is when we learn. I would not undo what has been done, no I would not. It is fun to think about though.