A New Look

Hi guys! I suppose that I do not have to tell you, I mean, you can see it for yourself, but I have a new look for my blog! Yippy! The stuff was all free online and I like it pretty well. Looking at all the options really made me want to create my own...maybe someday...for now, however, I will be content to use what other people have made. Searching for something new really reminded me of Horesland...do you remember that? I used to do custom layouts and I kinda want to do it again...Just for me of course.

I got a new profile photos too! I'll post it here too so you can see it good...
Anyway, that's me when I was really little! I guess I have always liked jewelry and beads...if my addiction not was not obvious then look at the picture again. We found the picture in one of our old family photo albums. I just love it. I looked so cute back then. And yes, it really is me. Can't you tell? I always have my mouth hanging open in pictures, not necessarily because I meant to do it, it just always happens.