Yard Sale!

Yippy Skippy!!! My neighborhood had a huge yard sale the first weekend in June...sorry I did not post about it yet! Anyway, I found some great, wonderful, fantastic things! 

I made it into a much needed ring box!
See how much room I can take up already!
This one was the most expensive - $0.75.
When you open the lid the bottom drawer comes out automatically! It is so darn cool!
Mom borrowed this box to use as a wrapping for some of my birthday presents!
Delicas! Crystals! Sew-On Settings!
I also bought three tins at ten cents each!

Each one is so cool and they are marked "Made in England."

These are so fun!

 In total, I bought three vintage jewelry boxes and three vintage tins for a grant total of $1.55. Awesome! I looked up the jewelry boxes on Etsy.com and discovered that each one of them is listed at $25.00. Some cool bargains if I do say so myself!