Birthday Loot!

Well, I had a birthday earlier this month and I got some wonderful presents!! I just have to share some pictures of them with you! I also got a sweet new camera (it's pink!), but did not take a picture of it...hehehe!
Mom borrowed one of my jewelry boxes to put some beads in that she got at the yard sale.

My sister made the most delicious Chocolate Pavlova with fresh, hand whipped cream and fresh raspberries; plus Raspberry Sorbet! It was amazing!

My sister also decided to make me a series of headbands/fascinators. This one is made of pom-poms.
Another jewelry box with beads in it!

That is most of the loot! See the cool headband with the feather?! Made by my sister!!

The other jewelry box full of beads! Delicas, crystal stones, and sew-on settings for the stones. :D

See the pretties?!

This is the feather headband. I love it!!

Bazinga headband! Love the Big Bang Theory!

This is the cutest thing ever! It looks like a little bitty chick from Shaun The Sheep!

Black Ants in a pea-pod boat!

Some awesome color changing beads from my lovely Grandma!

This is an earring tree, also made by my sister. She knows I love pink...

I got this awesome vintage party tray set from my Aunt Becky! It is so cool and came in it's original box! 4 Trays, 4 Cups, and 4 Glasses! They used to use these before they had paper plates, but they are not disposable. They are made of glass and I love them so much!

Here is one of the sets! Aren't they adorable?!
It was the best birthday ever! Full of surprises and delights, just the way I would want it!