More Baking!

Here are the wonderful things we made today!

Chocolate Crinkles

Christmas Cookie Cream Waffers

Classic Stained Glass Cookies

Pillow Cookies...I have no idea why they are called pillow cookies
Oh, how I love Christmas baking with my family! We still have several more things to make tomorrow too! It will be so great!


Bad at Blogging

Wow! I am so bad at this. I don't post, but once a week or so, for ages...and then three in one day?! What is wrong with me? I guess I just have been holding everything I want to say up till now. So here is one more thing for today...

My Aunt that lives in Montana, sent me this really cool gift as a graduation present! Here it is:

This is a close up of the darling little bag.

This is the great little bag that my Aunt got for me. The note was tucked inside the bag when she bought it. As you can see, this is a really tiny bag. That is a 3" x 5" note card next to the bag.

This is the note that was inside the bag. Isn't that neat?
Okay, that's it for today...I promise!

Christmas Baking

Wohoo!!! Being back home is so great...especially when there is so much Christmas Baking to do! 
Yesterday we made three things:
This like puppy chow, but is made with Frosted Mini Wheats instead...so IT"S HEALTHY!!!!

Some delicious Sea Foam aka Fairy Food.

And the best...Shortbread!
If you want any of the recipes, just say so in the comments!

And then today we made three more things! I am not posting a picture of the cake because it is not finished yet, but here are the things we did finish:

Christmas Tree Cake Pops!

Snowmans are invading!
Are you hungry yet? Wish you were coming to our family Christmas?

It Came!!!!!

So a couple of weeks ago, I won an awesome giveaway from paper-and-string! And it came today!!!!

I have been looking forward to this package arriving since...something like...December third! And it finally got here!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!! (As if you could not tell by the extreme number of exclamation points I am using!!)
This is some really cool holiday tape!

And delicious European Chocolates!
How cool is that? I think that is is pretty cool to win an international prize! I am just so jazzed about it all!

Thanks paper-and-string! You are so awesome!!!!!



Apparently, I like to post on Wednesdays. So, I was looking at my e-mail and I had a one from Etsy.com (are you guys getting board with all my Etsy posts yet?) Anyway, there was this necklace and I thought "Wow! That's awesome!!!!"
Plenty of Time
This cool necklace was made by Kay Adams of Richmond Virgina. She has some really sweet necklaces at her shop. She just has a great eye for repurposing vintage jewelry. The necklace above is made of old watch pieces! How cool is that?
Great work Kay! And keep it up.

Now onto less interesting matters...As time seems to be going faster than I know, I suddenly find myself with only one more class to finish as an undergraduate. I only have Business Law left. One more class. One more exam. One more day. Then life changes forever...But life changes forever everyday. Tomorrow is no different from yesterday and yesterday is no different from today. It will all work out fine. I know it. God is in total control and I trust Him. I just need to adjust my attitude a bit...


Cutest Earrings Ever!!!

I was just playing around on Etsy and I found these great little earrings!!
These Tiny Chick post style earrings are so cute!
These Chick Hoops are so happy!

I love these Nimbus earrings.

Aren't these little Fox and Forest studs fantastic?
These Rainy Day posts are just wonderful!
All of these earrings are made by Joannarutter of Brighton, United Kingdom! I just love them all! Take a look at some of the other great things she has made at her Etsy.com store!



I am so very very happy with life right now!! It is so wonderful. I am just so happy and excited. :D I have been wanting snow for so long and now it is finally here! And just in time for the first day of December too.

Lord, thank You for the snow! Thank you for how lovely it is. Thank You for loving me so much that You sent me some snow! I love you Lord and pray that the snow will make everyone a little bit happier today and keep us all safe in the snow.