Apparently, I like to post on Wednesdays. So, I was looking at my e-mail and I had a one from Etsy.com (are you guys getting board with all my Etsy posts yet?) Anyway, there was this necklace and I thought "Wow! That's awesome!!!!"
Plenty of Time
This cool necklace was made by Kay Adams of Richmond Virgina. She has some really sweet necklaces at her shop. She just has a great eye for repurposing vintage jewelry. The necklace above is made of old watch pieces! How cool is that?
Great work Kay! And keep it up.

Now onto less interesting matters...As time seems to be going faster than I know, I suddenly find myself with only one more class to finish as an undergraduate. I only have Business Law left. One more class. One more exam. One more day. Then life changes forever...But life changes forever everyday. Tomorrow is no different from yesterday and yesterday is no different from today. It will all work out fine. I know it. God is in total control and I trust Him. I just need to adjust my attitude a bit...